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Relaxing by the Water

What my clients say about working with me!

I would absolutely recommend anyone to work with Jan, so kind, informative and very supportive.

New leaders' group
November 22

She’s really down to earth.  Supportive but also asks pertinent questions in a way that made me reflect carefully on my own thinking.  Really loved working with her.

New leaders' group
November 22

Do it, you won’t regret it!

New leaders' group
November 22

Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

I was very fortunate to have been both coached and mentored by Jan and she reinforced in me a belief in my capability. She made me look at the positives and what was still possible to attain. Jan is incredibly supportive and she has a vast leadership experience; supporting and developing leaders is her passion.
Jan possesses a number of leadership qualities, amongst them: fairness, objective view of the situation, professionalism, approachability, emotional intelligence. Her most distinctive qualities are her people skills as she shows concerns and deep empathy while also being able to energise, motivate and challenge others to reach their full potential.
Jan acted as an accountability and challenge partner in the process of gaining my coaching qualification. Her coaching has been challenging and at the same time very much beneficial to my growth. She helped me to increase my self-awareness through attentive listening, effective and to the point questions and feedback. As a result, I was able to leave the meetings with a set of actions to implement to develop my leadership skills further.
I highly recommend Jan as a coach.

EP, Deputy head Teacher, London, March 22

Jan is not only a great listener but her questions provoke deep thinking and help you unlock the resourcefulness you need to see things clearly. On top of this, Jan has a wealth of tools she can draw on from her experience as an educator and leader so you never feel stuck. If you're looking for an experienced and empathetic person to guide your thinking, I can't recommend Jan highly enough.

Abena B, Teacher/life coach, Kuala Lumpur, April 22

My name is Shirley and I have recently worked with Jan as my coach.  I am a Mother of 2 younger kids, a nurse that works nights, and a restaurant owner.  My week gets so busy that it was so hard for me to find the time for the things I really wanted to achieve, such as building my own coaching business.  Working with Jan really shined a light onto why I really procrastinated.  She brought up my concerns, and fears to the surface without me even realizing it, and the best part was that she is so understanding.  I never felt like I was being judged with my concerns and thoughts, and she was so professional the whole time.  In the end, I found time to work on my health coaching journey and the lessons that were brought up each session stayed with me.  I learned a lot about myself in such a short amount of time, and I highly recommend anyone that is seeking to better themselves to go ahead allow Jan to be in your journey.

Shirley Ward, Nurse, Texas, April 22

I am more confident in my role and ability to be a leader and feel that staff around the school are now seeing me as the leader for Quality of Education and are coming to me to discuss strategic plans rather than always speaking to the HT first.

F.B. Assistant Head Teacher June 21 via NAHT coaching platform

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