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Top tips for new leaders - trusting others


Trusting others (to do their job) is an important part of leadership. If you don’t trust your team, you end up doing everything yourself which is of course not helpful for your own well-being, but also does not allow for staff development.

It is of course, hard to let go and delegate to others, particularly when you are new to the role and perhaps trying to prove yourself, but a lack of trust can negatively impact the workplace for everyone.

From my experience, as a leader, there’s nothing like seeing others succeed and develop. This is important for sustainability and strength within a team, but it is also important for maintaining a team’s motivation too.

Establishing a culture where staff are trusted to do their job without being micromanaged (so many teachers telling me this still happens) and where failure is seen as an opportunity for learning is important if you wish your team to be innovative and creative, have the space and freedom to experiment and develop the confidence to embrace the daily list of changes and challenges in schools.

People flourish when others believe in them - I left school without hardly a qualification to my name to become a very successful head teacher, which was not only down to hard work but the many opportunities that others provided for me.

Quickly identify your team’s strengths, give recognition to individuals’ skills and have faith in their capabilities.

Delegate tasks wisely and accordingly and provide opportunities for your staff to prove themselves. If you do not utilise your team’s skills, this could lead to poor motivation and ultimately underperformance.

Lastly, if you set tasks, set clear expectations but be realistic about these too. Remember that others will work differently from you, but that’s okay!

Have trust!

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