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Top tips for new leaders - communication

Communication is pants!

In all of my experience of working with schools, parent and staff surveys always indicate that communication is an area that ‘needs improving.’ If you’re lucky and communication is not highlighted then I think it’s always important to think of ways to sustain and improve this even further?

Effective communication is key when leading a team. If you’re not clear about your expectations, then standards can fall. If you don’t communicate key dates, deadlines etc. then these are missed. If you don’t have a consistency in your approach to communication then people start to feel left out, resentful and confused.

Think about:

· What strengths do you bring to communication?

· Your team – how do they prefer to communicate?

· What’s working well already?

· Have you any communication blind spots?

People want to feel valued and so my advice to any new leader in September is to ensure that communication is top of your list – it can be key to establishing your leadership presence and building trust within your team.

So how do you intend to tackle this?

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