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Top tips for new leaders - values

How can your values help you as a leader?

As a new Head Teacher it is easy to become diverted and distracted from what’s important. There’s always a new initiative to try or a new government change in policy or rule to follow and implement and much time can be spent on needless paperwork and needless meetings.

What works in one school does not necessarily work in your own and it can be easy to get carried away and bombard staff with initiative after initiative in a drive for improvement.

In my work with schools I have witnessed how all this can have a detrimental effect on staff wellbeing and morale as they are asked to implement yet another change!

In my role as a head teacher knowing and understanding my values was crucial in helping me define goals, manage my time, choose initiatives wisely and lead an outstanding school. In my role now as a leadership and wellbeing coach then my values are what drives me to support others in their leadership journey.

Values should be what defines you. They should enable you to lead your team well and they should help you serve your school community. Your values generate your school vision and ethos and these should in turn permeate every aspect of your work in school.

And, if you follow your values closely and stay true and committed to these then they help you to navigate everything that is thrown your way as a new school leader. They will guide you in knowing what initiatives to implement and they will provide direction in knowing what areas need changing or improving in your school and which areas need to be built upon.

So, how will you use your ‘values’ to help you in your new leadership role?

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